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I enjoy creating new kits for our Etsy shop and wove these over the summer.  I snapped lots of photos, both on the loom and after finishing.  Now, these napkins have become our favorites.  I also created new placemats so our table looks wonderful.

What’s so great about hand woven napkins?  You can use them for several days then throw them in the washer and dryer and set them on the table, ready for the next meal.  They always feel better than paper.  Your table looks great especially with hand woven placemats!  And, with our new kit, they are easy to make.

The napkin kits have warp and weft that are pre-wound and ready for use.  So, what does pre-wound mean and why is it so good?  Most kits provide you with a cone or skein of yarn and directions for winding.  With other kits you will need a warping board or mill to wind the warp with a threading and raddle cross.  Even a second hand warping board costs about $100.

img_1216With the pre-wound warp in our Lotsaknots kits, the warp is already wound, tied in 4 places at the threading cross, tied at 4 places at the raddle cross, and with choke ties every yard.

And, the pre-wound weft?  How does that work?  We provide weft that is wound onto paper bobbins suitable for any boat shuttle.  No boat shuttle, no problem.  You can use the yarn on the bobbin to wind onto your stick shuttle.  Its more economical than buying a bobbin winder for another $100.img_1217


Lotsaknots kits save you time and save you money!  The pre-wound warp and weft are easy to use and the project is ready for your floor, table or rigid heddle loom.  It’s a one size fits all!  YouTube videos are available here to help you learn more about using a pre-wound warp if you want extra help.

Lotsaknots kits are available in our Etsy shop and Lotsaknots videos are on YouTube.

Happy weaving,

Claudia and Janet

The Lotsaknots Team

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