Extra warp

I did a little weaving tonight and it felt okay.
I debated posting pictures of my hand minus the bandage but I bruise really easily and it looks awful. In fact, the good news is it looks worse than it feels.

So, I am about to take the scarf off the Baby wolf and I have an 8″ wide warp and about 15″ left I can do some playing around. But my brain is mush. What to do with just 8″. Aaargh.

Suggestions? Ideas? Help!

3 comments on “Extra warp
  1. From time to time I find myself with your problem. The way I have solved it is writing down ideas that come to me while I am weaving. Then my problem is sometimes the reverse: not enough warp to play with! You can try a different color or colors; you can try a different treadling; you can try a different yarn.

  2. Not sure I checked the email box….

  3. ClaudiaJane says:

    Thanks Peg. I like that idea and I looked at your Shadow weave post and that gave me some ideas too. I get too focused on needing to make “something” rather than just experiment as a learning opportunity. My other choice was to put the lease sticks in adn preserve the warp to use on my new rh loom, which I may do. Not sure but I have 3″ to decide.