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A momentary diversion

I had planned to write about weaving.  Truth be told, I have always wanted to write a food blog.  I know, there are thousands of online food blogs.  And some win awards and big prizes.  One food blog I have

Something New

Close up of project on 16s Toika Napkins being woven on 16s Toika I am trying something new. Both looms currently have projects on them and I am going to write a blog post daily about the things I know

It’s gone Home to Oregon

Home to Oregon baby wrap Done and gone home to Oregon.  This was a lovely wrap to work with.  I enjoyed looking at the colors and imagining the landscape they represent.  The blessing threads (center markers) were less of a

The Wrap Whizzes off the Loom

I have filmed several of our completed wraps as I remove them from the loom.  I’ve enjoyed watching the fabric come off the cloth beam and seeing it piled up on the floor in front of the loom.  This time

Weaving, traveling and having fun

I was very surprised to see it’s been 2 months since I last posted a blog note.  I keep writing posts in my head that never make it to the computer. We have a beauty on the loom currently.  I

Next wrap- Under Construction

Heart in Uganda warp on the back beam We have a new adventure in the wrap that is currently on the loom.  Janet designed the wrap, with our client, based on a poem written by the client.  The poem is

Mother’s Day on my mind

I just came across this photo a customer posted on our Facebook page.  It’s the Tropical Breezes wrap we finished a couple of months ago.  I began thinking about the sister wrap, Tropical Delights, which is available in our Etsy

The Weaving is Over

Gramma’s Garden The weaving is complete for the two baby wraps of Gramma’s Garden.  The top half of the photo above shows the wrap with the purple wool/tencel weft and the bottom is the red wool/tencel weft.  This was the

Time Does Not Pass Slowly

Gramma’s Garden Currently on the loom is Gramma’s Garden,    I love the way plain weave allows the warp colors to shine.  The red/orange weft brings an unexpected warmth to the whole warp. This custom baby wrap represents many firsts

We Have a Winner!

Winter Twilight It’s a wrap.  You have watched this baby wrap from the time I was beaming it on the loom, to threading, weaving and even a video of taking it off the cloth beam.  And now it’s done. I