About Us

Lotsaknots is the collaborative effort of two close friends, Janet and Claudia.  We both began knitting and crocheting before we were 10.  In recent years, we have enjoyeJ and C Xmas partyd spinning and weaving.

The main focus for Lotsaknots is our  Etsy shop where we sell weaving kits with pre-wound warp and weft.  We sell 5 types of kits; 3/2 cotton towel (placemat, table runner) kit, a scarf kit with a 5/2 cotton warp and sock yarn weft, a napkin kit with 8/2 cotton warp and weft, a shawl kit with 10/2 cotton warp and weft, and a towel kit with 8/2 cotton warp and weft.  All our kits are suitable for rigid heddle, floor or table looms.

We created Lotsaknots in 2002 and sold knotted and knitted scarves.  Since then, we have expanded and experimented with many different techniques and designs.

We have showcased a few of our hand made items here.  Many others reside with friends and family who enjoy a variety of knitted hats, scarves, and sweaters, as well as hand woven placemats, napkins and table runners.

In 2012 Lotsaknots began designing and weaving baby wraps.  These wide, long pieces of fabric are used to wrap an infant or young child to a parents body.  Recent changes in government regulations influenced our decision to stop making baby wraps. We are very proud of the 20+ Lotsaknots wraps being worn by parents around the world.

Claudia at her loom.

Claudia at her loom.

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Janet at her spinning wheel

Janet at her spinning wheel