Month: November 2013

Trials and tribulations?

Well, it’s been a trial, not sure about the tribulations part.  I was making great progress weaving plain weave in the first wrap of 4.  The warp was beamed and the weaving begun.  I wove the middle marker, a brief

And the weaving begins

The warp for the next 4 baby wraps is on the loom and a sample was completed a couple of days ago.  There are numbers on each different color weft. In addition, I have another video about weaving the first

And the warp goes on

The warp was wound in 4 sections or bouts, threaded or sleeyed through the reed and through the heddles.  Now, it’s time to wind it onto the back or warp beam of my loom.  I’m using my Glimakra Standard which

Warping the wrap

We are busy getting the next warp on the loom for 4 custom baby wraps.  I decided to record a podcast for this week’s installment of Lotsaknots Studio.  Hope you enjoy sharing our weaving adventures. Here is the painting that