Month: July 2012

Knitting matters

I love to knit.  I was hoping to post my latest creation along with a FREE PATTERN.  It’s almost done but not quite so I decided to post it anyway.  One more night of Olympics and I’ll be finished but

The Lotsaknots Fiber Geek

It’s about fiber and knitting, crochet and weaving.  It’s about connecting people, you and me, in an easier way and helping you conquer the fiber obstacle you are facing. Have you reached a point in that sweater pattern where you

Introducing Lotsaknots Studio

Welcome to the new Lotsaknots studio.  Yes, it used to be Weave On Studio and over the past few months I realized that I teach more than weaving.  I teach knitting, crocheting and spinning, too.  I am also a Schacht

Farmer’s Market in Poolesville, MD

Check it out.  Farmer’s Market July 13 and 27.  Look for Weave On Studio/Lotsaknots.  We are merging into one company.  Lotsaknots is the selling part and Weave On Studio is for teaching.  We will be selling our products at the

Summertime Classes!!

The month of June has always seemed like a month of transition. Summer begins. School ends for the year. The days seem longer and the pace is slower. I always look forward to July. First, it’s truly summer which means