Month: February 2012

New classes, new videos and new resources.

I have scheduled a Next Steps class for anyone who has taken a beginner rigid heddle weaving and can direct warp their loom independently.  In Next Steps we will learn to create exciting patterns using a pick up stick and we

Ready to roll

Actually, I’m all set and ready to teach the next weaving class.  The looms are warped and ready, the handouts are printed and the samples are on the table.  Now, all I need are the three students who will arrive

All the looms are busy!

Broken twill wool fabric I am enjoying three very different projects on the 3 looms I use most often.  First, on my brand new Julia (8 shaft countermarche) I am working on a broken twill wool fabric that is almost

Three day weekend

That’s sounds nice, right.  A 3 day weekend.  Unless it’s three days spent trying to get my website online. I use a Mac and they have this nice program called iWeb that allows you, as a Mac owner, to create

News and views I am working on a new version of my website, Weave On Studio , which is the studio where I teach weaving, knitting and spinning.  I also sell the many items my friend, Janet, and I make on